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International and local transportation and relocation services, shipping and freight services:

Balázs Sebestyén  – Dispatcher, Denmark/Sweden: +36 70 602 5262
Ákos Sebestyén – Dispatcher, Domestic/EU
Lovasi Viktor – Dispatcher, Sweden/Denmark: +36 30 944 7107


Sándor Sebestyén – Managing Director

GPS: 47.535328, 19.143310
Our mailing office address is: Sebestyén Intertransport Kft. 1158 Budapest, Hűtő utca 1.

Sebestyén Intertransport Kft.

Tax ID No: 26506355-2-42
EU tax ID No: HU-26506355
Company registry number: 01-09-329215 (The Budapest Metropolitan Court, as Court of Registration)

How can you find us?

GPS: 47.535328, 19.143310

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