Removals, occasional and regular parcel delivery to Belgium

Szállítás BelgiumbaWould you like to surprise a distant old friend or family member? In addition to removals, we also specialise in parcel delivery to and from Belgium, so we can ensure that your noble intention is fulfilled.

Surprises arrive unharmed and with lightning speed, and we look after them as if they were our own.

International removals from 100 euro

Parcel delivery to Belgium on a weekly basis

As well as services to Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, our flights to Belgium depart and arrive so punctually that you can adjust your watch to them with confidence!

On a more serious note, our more than half a decade of experience as a general carrier, specifically in Belgium and decades older, is your guarantee that your shipment will arrive on time and intact.

To which Belgian cities do we move and transport most often?

Every time – on your behalf – it is a pleasure to visit the beautiful Belgian cities to and from which we regularly deliver. The most common destinations and departure points are: Liég, Brussels, but it doesn’t cause us any problems if we have to go to the closer or further surroundings of the cities.

Sending parcels abroad is just one part of our services, as we move all over Europe at least as often, from the entire offices of our corporate clients to the personal property of our private clients.

Do you have extra needs? No problem!

We also have the added advantage of delivering non-standard parcels, such as bicycles, musical instruments, antiques, artwork, paintings, car parts and even palletised goods. Of special note is the fact that you don’t have to disassemble your bicycle or wheeled machine and pack it into a box if you choose us, as one of our main goals is to save you valuable time. We can even find a solution for really special needs, such as moving a cat and dog. We can also boast of carrying out removals within Belgium, where our foreign clients have chosen us over Belgian companies because we are “foreign”.

If it’s not an excise product (alcohol, tobacco), and of course if it’s not illegal, all you have to do is pack and label the shipment. It can even be a special product if you inform us in advance. Contact us using the link below and you’re ready to send your parcel!

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Our standard route















We also deliver to locations not marked on the map, by arrangement.

Price list Budapest – Belgium
normal shipments

In the case of cash payment in HUF, HUF prices are calculated at the daily MNB exchange rate. For bank transfers, we calculate the prices at the average MNB exchange rate on the day of payment!

Belgium: Brussels, Antwerpen, Liége, Leuven, Hasselt, Namur, etc.

Our prices valid from 01.03.2024:

0-30 kg75 EUR
30-40 kg95 EUR
40-50 kg120 EUR
50-60 kg145 EUR
60-70 kg170 EUR
70-80 kg195 EUR
80-90 kg215 EUR
100 kg250 EUR
150 kg350 EUR
200 kg450 EUR
250 kg550 EUR
300 kg630 EUR
400 kg760 EUR
500 kg880 EUR
600 kg1020 EUR
700 kg1120 EUR
800 kg1220 EUR
900 kg1280 EUR
Whole truck1400-1550 EUR
Bicycle85 EUR
Motor Scooter250-350 EUR
Motorcycle350-450 EUR

The surcharges applied for delivery addresses altering
from our normal route, within Hungary.

0-30 kg25 EUR10 EUR
30-50 kg30 EUR10 EUR
50-80 kg35 EUR10 EUR
80-100 kg45 EUR10 EUR

All prices listed above include 30 minutes of loading time.

For small weight cargo (e.g. foam rubber),
the fees will be charged based on volumetric weight.
The basis for calculation: W (cm) x L (cm) x H (cm) / 6,000 = volumetric weight (kg).

Could not find your shipment
in the table?
Ask for our individual quote!

* The fees listed herein shall be valid from February 2017, until revoked.

Nemzetközi csomagszállítás

Why do packages like to travel with us?

  1. I am an important shipment! I want to get home safe and sound!
  2. I don’t like being thrown or having heavy things thrown at me. But it always feels good to be looked after by caring hands.
  3. There are some suppliers where I have arrived with only broken or dented items. But I’ve also heard of cases where a baggage mate of mine was lost and never found.
  4. But I’m always in good hands at Sebitrans. Here I always get the attention, accuracy and flexibility that such an important shipment deserves! Whether I’m travelling domestically or abroad, I can count on them.
  5. But the thing I like best is when I get home and I’m unpacked with a big smile.

The ordering process:

  1. Please read the Important information.
  2. The order (Order form)
  3. Data reconciliation (parcel receipt, etc…)
  4. Receipt of the package (on delivery note, order form)
  5. Payment of the delivery fee (by agreement, the recipient can pay at the time of delivery)
  6. Actual delivery and handover.

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