Transportation, shipment, and relocation services to Denmark

Do you wish to send a package to Denmark, or are you relocating to Denmark? Or, do you wish to send a package home, or are you relocating back to Hungary? Choose us, and we guarantee that your belongings will arrive to their destination fast and safe.

We’ve been managing regular shipments between Denmark and Hungary for a period of five years now. We have a large number of satisfied customers. Based on our Customer feedback, our services are performed in a timely manner, reliably, and diligently:

The list of cities we most frequently go to in Denmark: Copenhagen, Kolding, Odense, Aarhus, Köge, Bjerringbro.

However, we are able to arrange for a trip to any other destination in the direct vicinity of these cities, should the need arise. For example, throughout the years, we have been to Alborg, Esbjerg, and several other places…. and further, we offer relocation services in between the countries of Denmark and Sweden as well.

We ship all sorts of cargo throughout the entire area of Denmark. For example, we ship paintings, antiquity, personal gifts, bicycles, musical instruments, furniture, and even pets. An increasing number of Hungarian students now study in Denmark, and we have shipped numerous items based on their orders. In addition, we relocated many of them to these countries. We have also done relocations within Denmark.

We are happy to ship any special, or urgent parcels for you. We will surely find a solution for all your needs.

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Our standard shipment route



















On a case-by-case basis, we are able to ship to other cities, not listed on the map.

Average shipment fees for parcels sent to Denmark

0-10 kg200 DKK9 600 Ft
10-15 kg250 DKK12 000 Ft
15-20 kg300 DKK14 400 Ft
20-25 kg350 DKK16 800 Ft
25-30 kg400 DKK19 200 Ft
30-35 kg450 DKK21 600 Ft
35-40 kg500 DKK24 000 Ft
40-50 kg600 DKK28 800 Ft
50-60 kg700 DKK33 600 Ft
60-70 kg800 DKK38 400 Ft
70-80 kg880 DKK42 200 Ft
80-90 kg980 DKK47 000 Ft
90-100 kg1 080 DKK51 800 Ft
10 kg+90 DKK4 300 Ft
150 kg1 530 DKK73 400 Ft
200 kg1 950 DKK93 600 Ft
300 kg2 600 DKK124 800 Ft
1/2 truck4 200 DKK201 600 Ft
Whole boxed7 300 DKK350 400 Ft
Whole truck8 300 DKK398 000 Ft
Bicycle350 DKK16 800 Ft
Motor Scooter1 600 DKK76 800 Ft
Motorcycle2 600 DKK124 800 Ft

The surcharges applied for delivery addresses altering from
our normal route, within Hungary.

WeightCountryThe list of cities and towns
we deliver to, nearby Budapest
0-30 kg (0,3m3)4 800 Ft / 100 DKK2 500 Ft / 50 DKK
30-50 kg (0,5m3)7 200 Ft / 150 DKK2 500 Ft / 50 DKK
50-80 kg (0,8m3)12 000 Ft / 250 DKK2 500 Ft / 50 DKK
80-100 kg (1m3)14 400 Ft / 300 DKK2 500 Ft / 50 DKK
150 kg (1,5m3)19 200 Ft / 400 DKK2 500 Ft / 50 DKK

All prices listed above include 30 minutes loading time.

For small weight cargo (e.g. foam rubber),
the fees will be charged based on volumetric weight.
The basis for calculation: W (cm) x L (cm) x H (cm) / 6,000 = volumetric weight (kg).

For any other cargo products
(e.g. bicycle, bike, furniture, pallet goods, pets …)
please ask for a special Price Quote.

* The fees listed herein shall be valid from February 2017, until revoked.

Shipment planner:

  1. Place your order (using the online Order Form)
  2. Confirm the details (about how the parcel will be handed over to us, etc.)
  3. We collect the parcel (based on the Bill of Lading, or the Order Form)
  4. Please pay our fees (as agreed, or the Addressee can pay the fee upon delivery, if required)
  5. Delivery and handover of the parcel to the Addressee.

Whether you wish to arrange for a shipment to Denmark, or to Hungary – you can order it NOW…