Our packing tips

  • When requesting a Price Offer, or when sending your Purchase Order, please always clearly stipulate what type of cargo you wish to send (e.g. personal belongings, liquid, picture, etc.).
  • Use an appropriate size and solid cardboard box for the packaging, and seal the box with a strong adhesive tape at the end.
  • Make sure you clearly indicate the Addressee’s name and address on the box, e.g. use a marker pen to write it on the box, or use a strong adhesive sticker as a label. When you are sending luggage or a bag, please make sure that the label is properly attached, as stickers have a tendency to easily come off bags. It is always better to secure the label onto the handle with a cord, or use a larger sticker, which wraps around the handle, like the way they do it at airports.
  • Use a box appropriate for the cargo’s size. The right size is when the cargo completely fills the space available in the box. If you have any empty space left in the box, use some filler.
  • If possible, please do not prepare any parcel, which exceeds 30 kg, as it will be difficult to move it around. The total fee payable is unchanged, regardless of the number of items.
  • Start with the heavier items, when filling up the box.
  • If you have any fragile items to send, wrap them multiple times (e.g. in a bubble foil, or other similar protective material,) and place them in a strong cardboard box).
  • Always mark the box fragile, if the contents in it are fragile.
  • Do not put any sharp objects sticking out of the box, or having sharp edges or corners, into the box, unless you’ve wrapped them up properly into a shrink wrap, or in another suitable protective material.
  • Liquids are only transported in securely sealed cans or bottles, made of a strong material.
  • If you wish to send a picture, please wrap it up with strong cardboard box paper, then shrink wrap it. The best would be if you can put it into a wooden rack. The same applies to mirrors, and glass sheet items.
  • If you are sending a bicycle, please remove the pedals, and screw them back on in a reverse position, or fix them under the seat. Turn the wheel off 90 degrees, or it’s even better, if you wrap it up as well (e.g. you can use some cardboard sheets on both sides, and then a shrink wrap).
  • If you wish to send high value, fragile, or vulnerable cargo, the most secure way for transportation is to use an appropriate wooden box.
  • The Provider will only take liability for cargo being securely packaged.

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