Netherland freight charges

Please ask for a special Price Quote, if your cargo exceeds 50 kg.

Dear Customer! Unfortunately, we have been forced to introduce a fuel surcharge for international (and domestic) transport to compensate for the excessive increase in fuel prices. The surcharge is adjusted weekly to the average market fuel price published on The current fare is multiplied by a percentage, currently 12%.

Transportation to Netherland

The Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven etc.
WeightPrice/EURFuel surcharge
0-30 kg60 EUR+12%
30-40 kg80 EUR+12%
40-50 kg100 EUR+12%
50-60 kg120 EUR+12%
60-70 kg140 EUR+12%
70-80 kg160 EUR+12%
80-90 kg180 EUR+12%
100 kg200 EUR+12%
150 kg280 EUR+12%
200 kg360 EUR+12%
250 kg420 EUR+12%
300 kg480 EUR+12%
400 kg600 EUR+12%
500 kg710 EUR+12%
600 kg810 EUR+12%
700 kg900 EUR+12%
800 kg980 EUR+12%
Whole truck1100-1200 EUR+12%
Bicycle70 EUR+12%
Motor Scooter200-300 EUR+12%
Motorcycle300-400 EUR+12%

The surcharges applied for delivery addresses altering from
our normal route, within Hungary.

WeightCountryThe list of cities and towns
we deliver to, nearby Budapest
Fuel surcharge
0-30 kg20 EUR10 EUR+12%
30-50 kg25 EUR10 EUR+12%
50-80 kg30 EUR10 EUR+12%
80-100 kg40 EUR10 EUR+12%


All prices listed above include 30 minutes of loading time.

For small weight cargo (e.g. foam rubber),
the fees will be charged based on volumetric weight.
The basis for calculation: W (cm) x L (cm) x H (cm) / 6,000 = volumetric weight (kg).

For any other cargo products
(e.g. bicycle, bike, furniture, pallet goods, pets …)
please ask for a special Price Quote.

* The fees listed herein shall be valid from February 2017, until revoked.

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